About us Committed to making the exceptional.

Our team is the perfect balance of imagination, ingenuity, technical excellence and commercial and marketplace expertise.

We are fascinated and intrigued by how processes can be improved and streamlined. Whether it be for businesses or the end consumer, our connected products can seamlessly enhance the way in which we do ‘things’ with a view to simplify, communicate and connect the world around us.

Based in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter, our office is a space for innovation, creation and exploration. Our team are united by their love of technology and the way in which the era of connected products is redefining modern business and modern lives.

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Fi a Fo Ltd
22 Lever Street
Manchester M1 1EA
United Kingdom.

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FiaFo is a UK based digital innovation studio. Our team of creative and technical innovators combine expert knowledge with collective experience to design and build products and services for self venture, tech startups and global brands.